Cartoon 2008




"Gates A-C "
"It's death, taxes and four out of five dentists - are you in?."
"If you lie down with pugs, you wake up with pugs."
What Buck?
"Too many lawyers spoil the broth"
"No, Yes, Maybe, Maybe Yes, Maybe No,"
Caller IQ
"It's a new anti-depresent-instead of swalloing it, you throw it at anyone who apperas to be having a good time."
"Good Game," "Good Game," "Nice Game," "Good Game," "I'm in love with you," "Good Game," Nice Game."
"Have you given much thought to what kind of job you want after you retire?"
Emergency Instructions
"If they don't like our porposal I'll show them the kittens. Everybody likes kittens."
"Don't worry, Liz, this is a big city - you'll neet another idiot."
"It's their big annual event --- the Run for the Roses."
"This stock market situation -- what are the military options."
"Hold everything! The P.R. department just sent over this chart."
"Well, it's not as if you didn't give her some cause to yell at you."
"Did you know what I like about you, Rachel? You're old, like me."
"Not voting this year?"
"More bad news."
"And, lastly, you are reminded to loot, pillage, and burn responsibly."
"When you get home tonight, Bernard, let's talk about slowing down, taking time, sitting with friends, enjoying life."
"Oh, what the hell. I'll add another zero."
“I’m going home sick. My mind has stopped.”
"After-psycoteraphy mint?"
"The court is sorry that it raised its voice."
Poker Moms
"Damn it, Hopkins, didn't you get yesterday's memo?"
"I see you've done time, so working in a cubicle shouldn't be a problem"
"Gotta run, sweetheart. By the way, that was one fabulous job you did raising the children."

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