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Alert---Today's Destiny, Inc., Max Day, et. al.

Leasing News was surprised to learn from several leasing companies that they were still conducting business with Today's Destiny. One told us they were about to fund a deal until they read the Leasing News story. It appears those named are still in business, and despite the various bankruptcies, and new filings, are still conducting business. Even the Texas Attorney General office told Leasing News they were surprised, too.

The Wednesday story:

Bankruptcy Trustee Joseph M. Hill in Houston, Texas is seeking $13 million in "recovery of fund and refunds" from a convoluted group who allegedly bilked leasing companies and their clients as much as $7 million a year under various entities controlled by them between 1998 and present. Named are Michael Day, Max Day, Jared Day, Pamela Day, Medicus Marketing, Inc., IBD Marketing, Inc. Teamwork Investments, LLC, who are also intermixed with TNG Systems, and Dental Affiliates, among others, all reportedly in bankruptcy.

"Debtor, Today's Destiny, Inc. held itself out to the public as a company which performed various marketing services on behalf of its clients. In particular, Debtor sold to its customer base "predictive dialing equipment" to be used in chiropractic and dentistry fields."

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