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Funder Lists Footnotes



(B) First Financial Corporate Services, Inc.
Brokers must be in business for at least 5 years. Only FMV leases considered.

(D) TFC Equipment Finance is a division of TCF National Bank (TCF). We primarily fund A credits. We do accept some B- credits, and also syndicate B & C credits. TCF is a subsidiary of TCF Financial Corporation. TCF Financial Corporation (TCF) is an $18.2 billion national financial services holding company. TCF trades on the NYSE under the symbol TCB. Employee count does not include VGM Financial Services, (a subsidiary,) which has 50+ employees. Equipment Restrictions - Please Contact

(G) Microfinancial, Inc., (Amex: MFI), headquarted in Woburn, MA, is a financial intermediary specializing in financing for products in the $500 to $10,000 price range. Through its operating subsidiary, TimePayment Corp, the company has provided funding for hundreds of thousands, mostly commercial, accounts nationwide. With a strong web presence through TimePayment Direct™, we are easily accessible to all our lessees and vendors.

(I) BUTLER CAPITAL - For nearly three decades, Butler has purchased loans and leases - individually or in portfolios - from lessors and brokers nationally.  Butler 's inclusion in the 2005 edition of the "Monitor 100" underscores the firm's commitment to funding deals quickly, structuring deals professionally, and avoiding the limitations of app-only credit scoring.  As a direct lender with wholesale lines of credit ready to be tapped for our broker/lessor clients, we pride ourselves on common-sense, individualized credit decisions on a wide variety of equipment.  We invite no-obligation calls!  Butler does not require brokers be licensed except those in states that require such licensing.  We welcome both opportunities to fund brokers' transactions under our name or create private-label programs to enable brokers to market their own services more broadly.  Although Butler has in-house sales personnel, we do not solicit the customers of our broker/lessor clients; rather, we work to preserve and enhance a broker's relationship with his/her customer. Equipment Restrictions - post-production, mining, aircraft, vessels, gaming, ATMs, tanning

(J) American Bank Leasing provides fast responses and high touch service for small ticket transactions. Our online system provides "almost instant" approvals up to $100,000 and the ability for you and your vendor to view transaction status. Our experienced staff is empowered to use a common sense approach to lending. Private label program reserved for our top producing partners. Equipment Restrictions - Generally hard assets but call if vendor program

(K) Allco Leasing was purchased in April 2005 by Financial Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Resource America Corporation (NASDAQ: REXI). Allco Leasing provides a middle market leasing product for LEAF. We are not collateral oriented and are industry generalists. Allco specializes in rapid responses to difficult to understand credits operating within the "A- to B+" arena. Startups are considered with experienced management and strong guarantors. Equipment Restrictions - Aircraft, marine, sun tanning, owner/ operator

(M) Centennial Bank - Prompt service, quick review, new & use equipment. No outside sales force - "Brokers Preferred." Brokers must be approved.   Equipment Restrictions - Aircraft, marine, over the road trucks and trailers, restaurants

(N) Commonwealth Capital Corporation - We are an income fund. To learn more click here. Equipment Restrictions - Only funding IT & Medical Equipment

(P) Bank of the West - We have been serving the funding needs of the Broker/Lessor community continually since 1973.  We are selectively adding new brokers that have been in business at least three years and can demonstrate the ability to generate a minimum of $1MM annually of quality transactions.  We operate in all 50 States, looking for “A” quality transactions; and in return offer very competitive buy rates.  Application-only transactions are accepted from $20K to $75K and financial statement transactions from $20K to $2MM+.  We offer a variety of products including PRO and TRAC true tax leases, capital leases, EFA’s and more.”
Broker Requirements:
We require 3 years in business, 5 years industry experience. Company must have 3 satisfactory funding references verifying at least $5MM in annual fundings. Prinicpals of closely held companies must have satisfactory credit and a Fair Issac Score of at least 680.
"Discount programs are offered to qualified companies that can provide in excess of $1MM of volume annually”
Discounter relationships that do business in the State of California are required to have a current California Finance Lenders License.
Trinity Capital is subsidiary of company which does operations and also has "in house" sales personnel, primarily vendor accounts. Equipment Restrictions - Aircraft, Boats and Rail

(Q) A Credits Only

First Federal Leasing Equipment restrictions - Listed on our web site.

  1. Prohibitive Equipment:
    The following list of equipment should not be considered unless there are some genuine overriding considerations. These are subject to market changes:
    a) Aircrafts
    b) Pay phones
    c) Cellular phones
    d) Vending machines
    e) Video and arcade games
    f) Fad equipment (as determined by management)
    g) Energy management equipment
    h) Carpet cleaning equipment
    i) Mining equipment
    j) Satellite dishes
    k) Modular Buildings on foundations
    l) Art work
    m) Equipment affixed to vehicles

(R) Advantage Funding offers both commercial and consumer leasing and financing for new and pre-owned title vehicles. Equipment Restrictions - Title vehicle specialist

(S) PFF Bank & Trust footnote: We are now accepting "commercial" quality transactions nationwide. Our program is for "A" and Institutional grade credits only and under a discount program. "We are very selective and only interested in "A" and "B+" balance sheet transactions. (a)Ours is strictly a Discount Program. However we will look at brokered loan business in California if reasonable fees are disclosed and approved by the borrower.(c) We allow a broker to pay a broker who submits deals or works with the original broker, if submitting Lessor has signed our Agreement. (d)If a 3rd. party broker doesn't have their own documentation we cannot work with them under our discount program but we can as a Bank loan with a reasonable fee disclosed to their borrower; or, we will refer them through one of our approved Lessors. Bob Robichaud, CLP.,

(T) We don’t notify, but neither have we ever auto billed renewal payments or an unexpected residual. We indicate payment number on invoice so they know when term is approaching end. We do our own billing/collecting.

(U) Meridian Healthcare Finance is a leading source of operating, expansion and acquisition capital for small and middle market healthcare service and manufacturing companies throughout the United States; enabling them to implement their business plans. Meridian provides accounts receivable-based revolving lines of credit; in select instances, Meridian may loan against cash flow, enterprise value or untraditional collateral, in which Meridian would employ a revolving or term structure. Working capital loans with 100% backing in accounts receivables as collateral.

(V) Matsco specializes in providing financing for healthcare practices, allowing
clients to choose a lease or a loan." We provide the capital investment needed to purchase, build, expand and equip a practice."

(W) "At HPSC, we finance everything from medical and office equipment, to practice acquisitions, and leasehold improvements. If it's used in the healthcare professional's practice, we'll finance it." HPSC, Inc. leases medical equipment and finances medical offices for dentists, optometrists, veterinarians, etc. The company was established in Massachusetts and incorporated in Delaware in 1974. There are 130 employees. Mr. John W. Everets, Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Mr. Raymond Doherty is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Mr. Rene Lefebvre is the Vice President. Any questions or problems should be directed to the attention of Mr. Lefebvre. Branch offices are located in: Chicago, IL.; Chatsworth, CA.; Emeryville, CA,; Denver, CO,; Charlotte, NC.; Dallas, TX.; Atlanta, GA Fairfield, NJ.; and Valrico, FL. HPSC, Inc. is a GE Healthcare Financial Services company. 

(X) "MBNA is endorsed by more medical and dental state associations than any other company of its kind."

(Y) Puget Sound Leasing - We are a "Common Sense" funder. We like credits who pay most of their bills on time and live within their means. However, what make us different is that we don't credit score at all. This allows us to approve people that in our opinion have good credit but just might have a poor score. We don't care what the score is, only that the credit is good. Equipment Restrictions - ATM's, Tanning Beds, etc

(Z) Standard Professional Services, LLC.- We are serious about our business
and value relationships.(*B) We require California brokers to be licensed.
(*C) While we do accept some sub-broker business the sub must be identified prior to our analyzing the transaction.
(*D) Call to discuss.
Equipment Restrictions -
No logging or any asset that may pose a contingent liability.

(AA) Atel is a group of companies in investments, syndications, remarketing, raising money in funds that cover equipment. In a recent fund $10 million was in transportation, $4 million in material handling, and $600,000 in manufacturing. At one time they were in the small ticket market, but out of small ticket over 5 years now. They do accept broker referrals on big ticket, but for essential investment grade rated credits. They accept broker business on theirr venture leasing side as well.

(BB) Financial Pacific Leasing is a subsidiary of Umpqua Bank.  FinPac has been in business since 1975, and supports a nationwide network of Third Party Originators. Our small ticket group funds transactions ($5,000 - $100,000) "A" to "C" credits.  Our commercial group funds transactions ($100,000 - $500,000) for “A” credits.   We are a strong and stable company committed to the Third Party channel. A relationship with Financial Pacific can enhance your vendor/origination relationships by broadening your credit window. To Qualify - Please Call or see "Prospective Third Party Originators" section on

(CC) Mount Pleasant Capital has founded thousands of franchises. They offer a full array of financing and leasing services.

(DD) BankFinancial FSB - Non-recourse lender and (soon to be) equity investor. We do not originate. We do not have a leasing subsidiary. Equipment Restrictions - None

(EE) Continental Bank is FDIC insured bank, primary focus is equipment leasing. Equipment Restrictions - Depends on credit

(GG) First Bank of Highland Park is a relationship oriented funding source that has been providing a full range of financial products to the equipment Lessor for over twenty years. These products include non recourse discounting, warehouse/bridge lines of credit, syndication participations, recourse term facilities as well as syndicated revolving lines. Our credit underwriting criteria requires a minimum net worth of $75 million for manufacturing, retail, and service type companies and a $15 million net worth for institutional type credits which include hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, and law firms. Simply stated, our approach to funding is very straight forward. We provide very aggressive rates for very good credits. Equipment Restrictions - Call / Commercial Passanger Aircraft

(HH) Studebaker-Worthington Leasing Corporation - We will accept sub-broker business provided that it is disclosed at the time the application is submitted. We are a subsidiary of State Bank of Long Island. Equipment Restrictions - Call

(II) *Allegiant Partners has expanded their maximum transaction size from $250,000 to $500,000 for the 5 western states of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona.
In addition to increasing the transaction size Allegiant is offering more competitve rates for these A- and B+ transactions.

(JJ) Greystone Equipment Finance Corporation ("GEFC") is a small ticket funding source for B and C quality credits. We handle a wide variety of equipment, including titled vehicles with an original cost between $15K and $150K for terms up to 60 months. All business is self funded and held for our portfolio. We originate our business primarily through brokers, and secondarily through vendors and private label programs with community banks. GEFC is an affiliate of Greystone & Co., Inc., a financial services and private investment group that together with its affiliates has 30 offices nationwide and over $10 billion under ownership or management. Equipment Restrictions - Refer to website

(KK) Highline Capital: Equipment Restrictions - Software Only

(LL) Leasing Technologies Internation, Inc. Equipment Restrictions - Please Call

(MM) Barret Capital Corporation: Equipment Restrictions - Will lease Vehicles only

(NN) VGM Financial Services - provides business-to-business equipment financing solutions to the healthcare, homecare and golf industries.

(OO) GE - The employee count is old, but a new one has not been announced, particularly since there have been a number of cuts. It also includes all employees in this finance division across the globe. On 27 July, 2008, General Electric announced that GE Capital is once again a single unit of GE.GE Capital has four sub-units: GE Aviation Financial Services, GE Commercial Finance, GE Energy Financial Services, and GE Treasury. At one time, GE Capital was the financial services unit of General Electric and was headed by a single person. The unit, later split into four divisions, and was responsible for a large portion of GE revenue. Each of the businesses that was a part of GE Capital were run independently and rolled up only to the Chairman of GE, Jeff Immelt. Other businesses formerly considered to be a part of GE Capital, such as Healthcare Finance, Railcar Finance, etc. were incorporated into the corresponding Industrial Businesses as support functions.

Our international capability extends from structuring to tax regulations to legal requirements across: South-East Asia, Europe, Mexico & Latin America, Australia & New Zealand, and Canada. We can also provide funding in local currencies and complete cross-border transactions.

(QQ) "Altec is a leading equipment and service provider for the electric utility, telecommunications and contractor markets. The company provides products and services in over 100 countries throughout the world." "Altec Industries has manufactured and provided quality mobile equipment since 1929. As an Altec customer, you've experienced our commitment to quality mobile equipment. Now, Altec Capital Services offers a variety of financing programs to make your equipment purchase more affordable and convenient offering you a single source for all your equipment needs."

(RR) Resource Leasing Company, LLC --- Originally established in 1985, in McLean, Virginia, RLC is a leading provider of point-of-sale (POS) equipment financing to merchants throughout the United States. RLC offers financing directly to large and small merchants, developed through strong partner relationship programs with banks, processors and manufacturers. Through experience, RLC has developed the highly specialized systems necessary to address the small-ticket POS financing business.

(SS) Corporate Leasing Associates - 1998, Sentry/CLA Finance Company, LLC was formed as a joint venture between Corporate Leasing Associates, Inc. and Sentry Financial Corporation. The major focus of the business is the establishment and implementation of Vendor Programs. Mr. Lesnick says most of his funds come from private investors.

(TT) Sentry Financial Corporation 1998, Sentry/CLA Finance Company, LLC was formed as a joint venture between Corporate Leasing Associates, Inc. and Sentry Financial Corporation. The major focus of the business is the establishment and implementation of Vendor Programs.

(WW) 24-36 month leases on name brand desktops, laptops, and monitors.

(XX) Sterling Bank Leasing a division of Sterling National Bank; please contact us for rates and credit parameters. While we prefer to work with Lessors who will discount with us we will accept experienced brokers. We do not accept broker to broker referrals.

(YY) "We’ve changed our name from TEAM Equipment Leasing to TEAM Funding Solutions. Our funding range has changed as well and is now $5000-$70,000. My email is now and our website is

(ZZ) Direct sales team dedicated to small ticket programs and one-off transactions exclusively in the Healthcare markets. Private Label Programs available for Vendors.

(AAA) Alliance Leasing, Inc. -- Brokers or discounters are required to provide information about theirs business practices, background, credit policies, historic financial statements, structures, backroom operations, etc. 

Alliance does not syndicate or sell paper. Two Leasing Specialists do originate paper almost exclusively in the 5-county bank footprint surrounding Syracuse NY.

We would expect to earn a minimum of $3 million of business annually.

(BBB) ABCO Leasing, Inc. (Seattle, WA) exclusively serves the broker community and has been in business since 1974.  Since we retain all transactions in our own portfolio, we require full financial packages.  We are best at deals that do not quite fit an “A Funder” due to a lack of flexibility or some type of an arbitrary matrix requirement.  ABCO is an industry generalist that prides itself on being creative when structuring new business and in providing highly quality service levels.  Broker and deal contact: Brad Christensen, Broker Relations Manager, 971/204-0236 

Chesapeake Industrial Leasing - Bank owned funder/super broker. We fund A and B-plus credits through our network of community banks. We are a cash flow and credit lender. Most of our programs are full financial packages with competitive rates. Contact Taylor Brazzon @ 410-661-5000 x125

Maxim Commercial Credit provides creative and flexible asset-based financing for today's challenging credit market.

BSB Leasing, Inc. is a direct funding source. In addition we offer an experienced Syndication Desk that can place transactions that fall outside of credit, equipment, geographic or dollar amount appetite.

MLPI is principally interested in lease structures in which the lessor retains the residuals. Over the years, we have been particularly successful proving 1,2,3 and 4 year leases structured as Rental Agreements, Fair Market Value Leases and our unique, “Paired Option” Lease program.

NFS Leasing, Inc NFS Leasing is a Technology Leasing Specialist which provides funding for B, C, and D and story credits. We make our own credit decisions, service the full lifecycle of transactions on our own balance sheet. We are fast, flexible, and easy to work with. IT & Computer Equipment, Medical, Scientific Equipment, & Office Equipment. We service Canada and the UK as well.

Bankers Capital "We will do ANY Type of Equipment, in ANY industry, in ANY state.  We especially like 6-figure transactions with full financial packages no matter how good or bad they look.  We look to structure the story C&D credits with any kind of additional collateral that makes sense.  It could be with 2nd or 3rd mortgages on residential or commercial Real Estate, additional equipment, cash value life insurance, security deposits, vendor agreements.  We look for any way to make the deal work instead of looking for any way to decline the deal." Broker Qualify - Please contact Larry LaChance

Data Sales Co, Inc.
Provide lease lines for IT equipment to start-up, emerging growth and venture backed companies.

We specialize in IT and Medical equipment financing. We can do both Operating and Capital leases. We also offer a state of the art contract management system to track all leased asset. We are not vendor sensitive.

Allegheny Valley Bank Leasing
"We are looking for some new business avenues. We are like everyone today… cautious yet we are somewhat optimistic about the future. We presently have 6 approved regional brokers and a 4 direct vendor programs. 2 small ticket and 2 larger ticket (average ticket size of $250k). We like medical business of all types and can be very responsive to brokers / vendors that work with us closely. We are looking for relationships not just transactions."
"Out of Market transactions must be at or near Investment Grade."

National Equipment Finance
Summary NEF
Target Transaction: Individual transaction size: $500k - $25MM+ Structures: Term Loan, (True) Lease, Sale Leaseback
Collateral: Generally critical use equipment such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, energy/mining, marine, aircraft, and up to $2MM of owner occupied real estate. No: FF&E, telecomm, IT, high tech.
Term: 2 – 7 years
Advance rates: Generally 75% -> 100% of OLV/FMV
Club Deals: We will work with other lenders/lessors Books $36 Million First Six Months in Business

Northwest Leasing Company, Inc
We focus on transportation and construction industry equipment leasing.

Park Western Leasing
PWL is a direct lessor for new and used construction
and transportation equipment along with most hard commercial assets. We do not have an application only program, but we are happy to preview any deal with an application, invoice, and CBR to assess probability of funding. Please contact John Leber, if you would like to know more about our program at 480-831-6561

TEAM Funding Solutions
is a C-credit funder that provides a unique alternative to credit scoring. We fund new business start-ups and older businesses with weaker credits when we roll up our sleeves to understand “their story.” Equipment leases are approved and funded based on common sense, the Lessee’s ability to pay and the Broker’s input.

1st Enterprise Bank Leasing
We are a pure business bank focusing on privately held companies solely in Southern California with annual revenues of $2MM to $200MM. From Santa Barbara to San Diego. Basically, if there is a deal in CA that’s worth the driving distance for one of our Relationship Managers; because we meet each client in person at the very least once or twice. - Robert Selway

MAG Capital, LLC
Note: Financial Page

RLC Funding
Note: B* Lessors on CA leases required to be licensed
C* May be allowed with prior approval
E* RLC is a separate division of a parent that has direct sales team

RLC Funding is a credit-focused funding source, offering an application only program to $100k+ and a full financial program to $750k.  Almost any type of equipment, regardless of collateral “value”, can be financed for established businesses. Decisions are based on time in business, debt servicing history, and reasonable credit quality. Unique programs are developed for you to provide your vendors or to serve a specific industry.  We are active in the NAELB and NEFA.

Cobra Capital, LLC

Sub-Broker Program - yes, but only with full disclosure of all broker names

Minimum Lease Size: $50,000
Lease Size Range: $50,000 to $500,000
Credit Profile: A Quality, B Quality, Start-ups
Term: 1 to 5 Years
Geography: Nationwide
Lease Types: Operating Lease, Direct/Finance Lease, Single Investor Lease
Prohibitions: No trains, planes, boats or restaurants

Citizens Business Bank

Any deals we fund we do the credit review ourselves, document the deal ourselves, and hold the account internally for the duration of the lease. The broker can assist in negotiating the interest rate. We can pay referral fees to the broker, fund the deal ourselves letting the end-user pay a placement fee to the broker, or we can put some basis points on top of our rate for the broker.


Mesa Leasing

Give us your hard to do, "story deals,."  You are dealing directly with the owner.

First Midwest Equipment Finance

Provides financing, leasing, and lending services to businesses and municipalities with “A” through “D” credit profiles throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America.  Since inception, FMEF has provided nearly $1 billion in financing to over ten thousand customers. Also seeks third party originations.

Financing programs, leases, and loans for equipment costing from $10,000 to $10,000,000+.  “Application only” programs (No financials or tax returns required) for equipment up to $350,000 and we generally make a credit decision on these transactions within 24 hours.

Varion Capital Corp.
All third party originators must be approved by us. We will allow approved third party originators to accept sub-brokered application, so long as we are notified of the source. We are broker driven. We have a co-brand program.  Broker/Originator logo’s on the documents, but we are listed as the Lessor still.  This program is only available to larger volume brokers  We will accept deals from the public, but we do not solicit them.  We will review larger transactions over $500,000, but our comfort zone is below this number.