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February 2
Funders Taking "New" Broker Business List
  BSB, Bankers Capital, Forum Leasing/TimePayment
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
   and Related Industries
Leasing News Advisor
  Bruce Kropschot
Alternate Finance Association Membership
  2018 United States
CLFP Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals
 Kansas City Sold Out/Burlington, Massachusetts Just Added
Sidestep Most Common B2B Marketing Mishaps
   FinTech #102 by Alex Vasilakos
Thousands of American Bridges Are Falling Apart - Chart
 By Niall McCarthy,
Small Business Optimism Hits 11-year High  
   Reports Wells Fargo Survey
Den of Thieves/Loveless
It/Brad's StatusKameradschaft
  Film/Digital Reviews by Leasing News' Fernando Croce
Special Needs Dog
  San Francisco, California  Adopt a Dog
News Briefs---
Marlin Files 4th Quarter Up 16.3% Previous Quarter
  Up 23.1% Year-over-Year  Net Income $25.3 Million
Apple Sells 77.3 Million iPhones, Down 1%
 But Profit up 13% up $61.58 Billion
Amazon Profit Tops $3 Billion
 as 2017 Revenue Grows 31%
Google’s parent firm Alphabet takes $10 billion hit, 
  reports $3 billion loss
SoFi Growing pains? Online lender lays off mortgage staffers
  SoFi Lays Off 5% of Staff
Curtain Closes Quietly on Yellen Era
  after a record 15 consecutive positive months for the S&P 500
(Podcast) Is an End to Equipment Leasing Coming?
Fuji Xerox to shed 10,000 jobs by 2020 after merger
  By Brian Cantwell, LeasingLife
GreatAmerica lowers credit enhancement on equipment (again)
  By Allison Bisbey,
You May have Missed---
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
   "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

February 5
Pictures from the Past - 1994
  Deborah Monosson Leasing Person for 2017
Position Wanted – Asset Management
  Work Remotely or Relocate for Right Opportunity
Top Stories -- January 29 - February 2
  (Opened Most by Readers)
Dakota Financial Updated
  Funders Looking for Broker Business
Where is the Franchise Market Going?
  Chains Dropping Locations/Online Sales Growing
Leasing Industry Ads---Help Wanted
  Equipment Leasing Account Executive Needed
Marlin Business Services Earnings Call Transcript 
   Highlights by Christopher Menkin
Rates Will Be Going Up
   By Mr. Terry Winders, CLFP
Leasing News Advisor
  Allan Levine
The World's Most Visited Cities - Chart
  By Martin Armstrong,
Labrador Retriever
  Boston, Massachusetts  Adopt a Dog
Day in American History 
   Select a month and a day
New Items-- 
Yellen says prices 'high' for stocks, commercial real estate
  but stopped short of saying those markets are in a bubble
Deutsche Bank is still recovering from 2015 fines, 
 CEO says after it posts third consecutive annual loss
You have been lied to about inflation and here is the proof
  Take a look at where we have gone since 2000 to today
You May have Missed---
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
   "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
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February 7
Commercial Equipment Leasing Companies
  Closing Stock, Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Celtic Bank Joins Funder List
  Also Funder Looking for Broker Business
Now is the Time for Sales Professionals
   Sales Makes it Happen by Christopher Menkin
Top Reputable Company Seeking
  Equipment Leasing Account Executive
Don’t Bring Your Dog to an Interview
   Recruiter Hal T. Horowitz Speaks Out
Where the Most Workers Put in a 60-Hour Week
  By Niall McCarthy
Leasing News Advisor
  Shari L. Lipski, CLFP
Letters?! We get eMail
  (Mostly in Chronological Order)
Investors Bank Launches Equipment Finance Group
  Based in Iselin, New Jersey
Border Collie
  Salt Lake City, Utah
4th Annual NACLB Conference & Expo: 
   October 16-18, 2018
News Briefs---
The Era of Easy Money Is Ending, 
  and the World Is Bracing for Shocks
Trade 'disaster' worsens under Trump       
  increased more than 12 percent in 2017, to $566 billion
CFPB's Equifax Probe Stalls as Mulvaney Defangs Watchdog
   latest example of the agency's defanging
Mulvaney Backing Away from Equifax Probe
  Americans for Financial Reform
Fed Rebuke Costs Wells Fargo About
    $27 Billion in Lost Market Value
The Fed's unprecedented slap at Wells Fargo may cost
    the bank more than just $400 million this year
Alternate Finance Expands: "6th Avenue Capital Builds
 Business Development Team with Veteran Hires"
Kroger in $2.1 billion mega-deal
  to sell its 762 convenience stores to EG Group
Fintech Was Back on Capitol Hill
Late-Year Change in Corporate Income Tax Rate
 Leads to Billions in Unexpected Profits and Losses
Court upholds $25 million settlement in suits 
    against Trump University
You May have Missed---
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
   "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

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