Cartoon Bank Edition 2007

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He's my best friend and he works hard all day. Couldn't you at least wag your tail"?
"Look, I'm not saying it's going to be today. But someday-someday-you guys will be happy that you've taken along a lawyer."
"Spring Training"
"Fish got to swim," "Birds got to fly," "I got to love one man till I die."
"I enjoyed the sauna very much, and may I say this is friendliest bank in my whole business experience."
"Food, water, tips"
"King Solomon fors on 'Jeopardy'!"
"The bidding will start at eleven million dollars"
"Hi, Dad. Investment bankin wasn't that great after all."
"No computer until you finish your carrots."
"The men are excited about getting to shoot a lawyer."
Washer | Dryer | Floder
Seven Dwarfs of Golf
"A four for me." "I mean six."
"I'm not angry, I'm very disappointed."
"That's the last time we brag about our kids."
"Hello, this is Bill Gates. Remember, nobody has a monopoly on safety, so buckle up!
"You know, during these debates there's something that all too often gets ignored."
"Go with two-iron, Kemosabe --- distance in desert not what it seems."
"No, sweetie, we don't go to the beach. We're from New Jersey---we go to the shore."
"Executive Softball League"
"I hope you don't mind. He doesn't know he is a dog"
"You know. during these debates there's something that all too often gets ignored."
"Now, now, Ruffy, if you'll spare me the threats I'll spare you the legal jargon."
"Ladies and gentelmen, the Queen of the Hopand the Duke of Earl."
The special, sir. Shall I spread it out or will yu know it over yourself?"
"Still, a brisk walk can be just as effective."
"Hi, this is Bill Gates. Time to buy new software."
"This is night for white wine."
"The year 1966 through 1995 are blank because I was on tour with the Grateful Dead."
"Do you know what happens to little puppies like you in the slammer?"
"Well, it's not as if you didn't give her some cause to yell at you."
"Every year, the zebras get faster and faster."
"Can you start right away?"
"Sorry, Mom. Sorry, Pop."
"I want to take some time off.! Relax a little."

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