Alert---Scott Wright Employment Application

This is from Rick Wilbur, and we have attempted to contact Scott Wright
to obtain his “side” to this alert. editor

“In the December 2, 2003 edition of Leasing News I noticed a Help Wanted
advertisement from  I responded directly and
found  the ad was placed by Scott Wright.  We met, had several conversations and
ultimately agreed on employment.  Scott was reluctant to provide current
 business references until he actually resigned from his employer, Vernon
Technology Solutions where he was employed as a Regional Sales Manager.
We respected his wishes and didn't contact that company.

” Scott was to start work this Monday.  He was a no show.  No call, no
letter, no email.  We have subsequently discovered that Scott hasn't worked for
Vernon Technology Solution for over two years, he was never a Regional
Manager and apparently doesn't live where he claims he does.  We have left
several massages without the courtesy of a reply.  We suspect that Scott
may  not be the person he represented himself to be and likely has accepted or
is  seeking employment at some other leasing company in the Phoenix-
Scottsdale  area.

 “I am writing you so you can alert your readers to carefully investigate
this person if he has applied for a position.”

 Scott Wright
 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

 Richard Wilbur
 Managing Partner
 Media Capital Associates, LLC
 (480) 941-8558 ext #104

At this date, Mr. Wright has not responded.  Leasing News did print
the e-mail from Rick without names in the “Weekly Complaint Bulletin Board
Report,” and subsequently received this:

“Thank you for publishing my recent email.  I have since received several
calls and emails regarding the same individual I wrote about.  It appears
that this guy has taken at least two other leasing companies for many tens
of thousands of dollars and at least two computers.   Furthermore I'm told
he is a ‘'credit criminal' and has a federal warrant in effect due to some
alleged leasing fraud.  I don't know exactly what that means but I'm sure it
isn't good.  I was also told that Leasing News did an article on this guy
two years ago.

I'm aware of your concern at potential litigation but I think exposing a
person like this is certainly in the best interest of the entire leasing
community.  Since I am now aware of several respected individuals that know
this guy and at least two that have hired this him in the past I encourage
you to explore some way to safely expose him and therefore protect your
“If you decide to proceed with this matter I will be delighted to share
everything that I know and, with their permission, give you the names of|
those he has contaminated.”


Richard Wilbur
Managing Partner
Media Capital Associates, LLC
(480) 941-8558 ext #104; however, we have received

(Leasing News did not start to organize the “alerts” until 2002, and evidently
not all of them.  A search through the files could not find it, but the office
remembers a call from an ex-wife seeking “child support” from a similar
false application in the same geographic area from the alert posted.  Those
who have a suspicious application in the Southwest area should take the
invitation to contact Rick Wilbur by e-mail or telephone. editor )

Featured on 1/16/2004

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