Fraud Alert---Oakland, California


Please put out a fraud alert on a company called Oakland Digital.  I received a call yesterday from a guy representing himself as the owner of the company.  They are reportedly located at 360 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA.


 The company phone # goes to a cell phone and personal voice mail.  We suspected that the bank reference may have been fraudulent so we asked for statements.  There was no listing on Internet Yellow pages, however directory assistance will give you the number.  The address is in a residential neighborhood of Oakland.  The person who called me wanted to know if we could "move fast" on their application as they needed to pay the vendor for a machine that had a long lead time but the vendor had called them and, amazingly, an order had cancelled. ( a red flag, see alerts: )



I also received a call from another leasing company who had looked at this deal and had found some of the same information.  She also got the same story.  It appears that the individuals are involved in identity theft as she was able to locate the actual people whose SS#'s were submitted with the application.


 The two "principals" don't even know each other but they had applied to the same company for a mortgage recently.  The Oakland Police have been notified.  It appears that the perps are hitting Internet leasing sites with an automated leasing process.


Bob Rodi, CLP


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