Fraud ALert: Palo Verde Women's Health (Dr. Johannes Ramirez)



Now that we have received this deal from two (2) different brokers and LPI Financial has looked at them for working capital, I believe it is time

for your readers to beware of this deal.





-OBGYN (Ramirez) is purporting to want equipment for his medical practice


-He just "purchased" BAP Productions, Burbank, CA, a movie producer


-We have looked at equipment totaling upwards of 500K, all billed to the

 medical practice at the practice's address


-Equipment lists provided were confirmed to be "post production equipment"


-At least one invoice was whited out and a medical imaging company's letterhead used in an attempt to sell movie studio equipment


-Originating broker was out of Louisville, KY, who claims to have done several leases for this doctor





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