Alert--- Total Control Trucking, Inc.,Tucker,GA---Alert

Alert--- Cahaba Business Systems,Atlanta,GA----Alert


We booked two leases with above referenced Company, the first being for Computer Gear in May, 2002 in amount of $24,843.00, and another in June, 2002 in amount $19,680.00 for a phone system. Both of these deals came from the same dealer, Cahaba Business Systems, Inc. at 2600 Century Parkway, Suite 100, Atlanta, Ga.-30345.


When these transactions became delinquent, we began our investigation, and found the following:


1. Address customer gave and invoice vendor delivered to is vacant and the rental agent for the property at 2206 Hanfred Lane, suite 203 stated that customer has never occupied premises. We sent a rep. to the address and confirmed the space is empty.


2. The Bank, United Security Bank, which gave a glowing report of checking and a truck leasing activities, now has a disconnected number. A further check revealed that no such Bank exists in the Atlanta area.


3. The work reference which a gave a glowing relationship, now has a disconnected line, and apparently never existed.


4. Vendor management hangs up the phone when we attempt to discuss customer with their personnel.


5. The manager of Abbey Insurance Service of Stone Mountain at 770-413-9318, which issued Insurance Certificates covering the equipment, Mr. Hodari Cail claims the Certificates are a fraud as customer has never been insured through his agency, and the Agent who signed the certificates, Don Bates was apparently a participant in the fraud scheme. Claims they fired Bates and prosecuted him for fraudulent acts while at the Agency, and he is now in the Cobb County, Ga. jail awaiting trial. Our efforts in checking the Law enforcement agencies revealed that they had no Don Bates incarcerated.


6. The fax where the customer supposedly still receives faxes is listed to Tucker Construction and Development, Inc. 3951 Lawrenceville Hwy., Tucker, Ga.-30084 We don't know the connection, as we have no info on Tucker Construction.


These are some of the facts, but not necessarily limited to the foregoing.


Please post this. There may be other leasing Companies which receive your newsletters that have some exposure to these people or know about them and will contact us and provide further insight.


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