Alert--Hiram Communications--- Alert


Please advise all Leasing Companies to beware of a vendor who goes by the name of "Hiram Communications".  Address is: 6217 St Clair Avenue

                 Cleveland, OH  44103

                 ph: 216/426-9100


There is no such vendor and they are using cell phones to operate a phony business.  The applications submitted have phone numbers that refer you to a cell phone voice mail.  We even caught the guy pretending to be a bank for a bank reference by answering his cell phone in his car as Dollar Bank in Cleveland. Another app received had a Sterling Bank listed as a bank reference.  When called it was of course a cell phone and some guy named Brian answered the phone as Sterling Auto Sales. 

The supposed sales manager/owner is someone named Mike (no last name). 

Hiram Communications e-mail address is :


Recommend all small ticket lenders beware of this vendor.


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