Alert  --- OFC Capital, Roswell, Georgia


OFC Capital a division of Alpha Financial Corporation

576 Colonial Park Dr.

Roswell, Georgia



Any lessors contemplating entering into a UNL Agreement  with OFC Capital

should be aware that if your lessee does not make its first payment on the

exact first of the month due date you will be asked to recourse the lease

100% as a first payment default.


We recently had a lessee fail to make their October 1 payment due to

insufficient funds caused by a deposit which the lessee had received

containing a bad check.  Thus their payment to OFC bounced.  On the 8th of

the month we received a letter from OFC demanding that Dimension by back the

entire transaction as a first payment default under the UNL.  The lessee

also received a letter accelerating their lease balance!


The lessee then called the president of OFC, Mr. Leas and OFC's attorney's

who wrote him the letter regarding the lease acceleration.  He (the lessee)

explained what happened and that he wanted to wire funds for the payment

which was only 8 days late!!  Neither Mr. Leas or the lawyer would forward

him wire instructions so that he could make the payment. 


The following day, Dimension received a letter from OFC's attorney's

demanding repurchase of the lease due to the late payment of 8 days.


Should you require any further information please contact me.


Michael Wagner


Dimension Funding, LLC

949-250-0585 x222

949-250-8042 (fax)



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